G-Form Elbow Pads for BMX, MTB & Motocross

Confused as to whether the Pro-X2 elbow pads from G-Form are better than the Rugged guard? Read this guide to find out are verdict.

If you’ve not guessed already, I’m a bike nut. Over the years (and still) I’ve ridden BMX, MTB, motocross, enduro and even do trackdays on a CBR600RR.

Landing on this page means you’re looking for information on getting protected. So, below I’ve explained the G-Form elbow pads in their range that are suited to BMX, MTB and MX riders, as well as skateboarders.

G-Form Elbow Pads

G-Form are similar to the likes of Leatt, EVS and Demon, in a sense that they focus on producing protective equipment for extreme sports junkies. A lot of brands these days produce anything and everything, meaning their product range might be stacked, but R&D on any specific product is limited.

In general, you’ll get a much better value product from a specialist like G-Form.

There are two different sets of G-Form elbow pads that are suited to riders like us:

We’ll cover the specs (and my opinion) of each, or, if you’d prefer to skip to the end, I’ll be highlighting the G-Form elbow pads that I’d be buying if I was replacing mine today.

Pro-X2 Elbow Pads

pro x2 elbow pads from g-form protection

If you’ve already read our guide to BMX knee pads, you’ll know we’re a big fan of G-form, and their Pro-X2 range. Like the knee pads, the G-Form elbow pads are incredible value for money, not to mention they offer excellent protection for all types of bike riders.


If you compare the Pro-X2 G-Form elbow pads with the Rugged guard in their range, there’s a $20 difference. So, if the Pro-X2 is suitable for you, you’ll have some change to blow on your bike instead of spending it on pads!


We’re a big fan of G-Form elbow pads, and in fact, all the products in their range, as they offer maximum comfort, without compromising when it comes to protection.

They’re able to do this by using flexible pads, using SmartFlex technology. The sleeve helps to keep the pads in place with its silicone gripper, and the moisture wicking material alongside ventilation holes means you won’t feel the discomfort of sweat.


The extra $20 or so for the Rugged G-Form elbow pads gives you a little extra protection, in comparison to the basic SmartFlex pads used in the Pro-X2. However, in my opinion, the padding on offer from the Pro-X2 is more than sufficient for the average BMX, MTB and MX rider.

Rugged Elbow Pads

gform rugged elbow pads for bmx and mtbThe Rugged is the top of the line G-Form elbow pad.


As we’ve mentioned, you’re going to have to fork out around an extra $20 for the Rugged guard, over the standard Pro-X2. The question is, are they really worth that extra cash?


Like the Pro-X2, you’ll get SmartFlex pads, which mean these pads are extremely comfortable. However, the Rugged pad incorporates a double-knit compression fabric for additional comfort. And, we’ve found the mesh back provides adequate ventilation and doesn’t expose the elbow like the Pro-X2 does.

Finally, they have an inner foam, making these much more comfortable overall than the Pro-X2 G-Form pads.


Another upgrade here, is Armortex technology. It doesn’t just provide some extra integrity to the pad, it also stops it from ripping and tearing, meaning these pads are going to last the test of time.

Review Verdict: Pro-X2 or Rugged G-Form Elbow Pads?

Personally, I don’t see the extra $20 that the Rugged pads demand, as money well spent. In fact, I prefer the type of pad and design of the cheaper Pro-X2 over the Rugged elbow guards.

The Pro-X2 offer the comfort and protection that any BMX, MTB or MX rider needs, so there’s little point spending more, for essentially, nothing.

If I were buying new G-Form elbow pads today, the Pro-X2 guards would be getting my cash.


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