The 3 Best Surfboard Brands [inc BIC, Lib Tech & Solid Surf]

Looking for a new ride but don’t know where to start? Our guide covering the best surfboard brands has got you covered…

Whether you’re a complete beginner looking for your first board, or an experienced surfer looking for an upgrade, my guide to the best surfboard brands has got you covered.

All the top surfboard companies will consistently bring out new boards, which means a top pick today, might not be available tomorrow. What we really want to focus on here, is ensuring you pick a board from a reputable manufacturer.

As I’ve mentioned in many of my gear guides, it’s unlikely you’re going to find the perfect board for you by simply buying the cheapest. You get what you pay for and quality boards from top manufacturers aren’t exactly cheap.

Pick a board from the list of best surfboard brands below, and you won’t go far wrong.

At a Glance

When I test and research products I tend to go into detail, which means this article, like my others, isn’t a 10-second read. I would suggest reading the whole thing before making a purchase decision (takes around 4 minutes), but here’s the short version if you’re strapped for time…

BIC Sport, with their Dura Tech board, is one of the best surfboard brands currently available. I personally loved my Dura Tech surfboard as a beginner, and it served me well until I got towards needing a shortboard at intermediate level.

Essentially, this board is going to see you good for the first year (and beyond if you’re just a casual and recreational surfer, carving for a couple of days per year).

Better still? You’ll be saving $300+ in comparison to some of the more expensive brands on this list such as Lib Tech and Solid Surf Co.

This Year’s Best Surfboard Brands

Below are what I consider to be the best surfboard brands. They’re brands well known in the industry, top surfboard companies me or my surf buddies have used, or those with excellent reviews that offer great value for money.

BIC Sport

bic dura tech surfboard brandsBIC Sport is a brand that’s close to my heart, the first surfboard I ever purchased, was a BIC.

Like many of the top companies on this list, BIC Surfboards has been going for years. The company formed back in 1979 manufacturing windsurfing kit. It wasn’t until 1994 that they released their first board.

Since releasing that first board, they’ve grown quickly to become an established player in the surfboard industry. And I can personally recommend the Bic Dura-Tech, which you can see in my guide here that I put it forward it as one of the best beginner surfboards. It offers excellent value for money, and a cheap way to get into surfing.

What I found with my BIC Dura-Tech board in comparison to smaller more technical boards, was I was able to pick up the basics quicker than I would with my mate’s boards, as they all ride shortboards which are much more suitable to an experienced surfer.

Once you get to a reasonable level in terms of carving, or hitting bigger swells, you’ll feel the board holding you back. But for the first 6-12 months, this board helped me to grab hold of the basics, and I’d certainly recommend it.

I’m fairly sure when I sold it, after a year or so of fun, I only lost around $90 on the purchase price by selling it second hand. And that’s because Bic surfboards are so popular with beginner to intermediate surfers.

Lib Tech

lib tech pickup surfboard reviewIf you’re into board sports, especially snowboarding, Lib Tech is a brand that’s going to be familiar. Lib Tech is a company created by Mike Olson, who crafted his first snowboard in 1979, and eventually ventured out into creating surfboards too. Today, they’re known as one of the best surfboard brands in the world.

And they’ve got themselves noticed over the years. At one point, Lib Tech was owned by extreme sports giant, Quiksilver.

Before we recommend our top pick, we will give you a warning; Lib Tech isn’t known for being a cheap surfboard brand. In fact, it’s rare you’ll find ANYTHING in the Lib Tech range that is cheap. But the R&D they invest into their products means that the products rolling out of their factory are some of the best in the world; they’re well worth the cash.

So, what would I pick if I were buying a Lib Tech surfboard today? I’d be heading straight for the Lib Tech Pickup Stick surfboard.

Why? It’s the perfect all-rounder for anyone sitting in the beginner-intermediate range. It’s not a shortboard, and it’s not a longboard; it’s the perfect contrast of the two.

Whilst you won’t get extreme carving ability you would from a shortboard, you’ll get a lot more control and ability to carve than you would from a longboard. And, if you’re feeling like a lazy surf, it’s going to be a heck’ of a lot easier to catch waves on the Lib Tech Pickup, than it would be on a short board; it’s got excellent buoyancy, even compared to other boards of a similar size.

Better still, you won’t need to be too prissy about looking after it, given it’s basically indestructible, as you’ll see if you read a few online reviews.

Essentially, the Lib Tech Pickup surfboard is an all round workhorse, from one of the best surfboard brands in the world.

As I’ve already said, the downside? Price. Don’t expect a ton of change from $900.

Solid Surf Co

solid surf diamond jig surfboard blueYou may have noticed more and more of the top surf companies are becoming sustainable in their manufacturing process, or at least as sustainable as possible. Solid Surf Co is certainly one of those companies. They focus on producing not just the best surfboards in the world, but also ones that are made via a sustainable manufacturing process.

Being one of the best surfboard brands in the world, don’t expect to be spending a few hundred dollars to get yourself setup with a board. Somewhere in the region $800 is going to get you a quality board from the Solid Surf Co.

So which board would I be heading for? 100%, I’d be going for the Solid Surf Co Diamond Jig. For a medium length board, it has great buoyancy, which means catching waves isn’t as much effort as it needs to be. And once on the wave, it cuts and carves just like a short board would thanks to the 2+1 profile of the fins, and an extremely narrow tail base.

If you’re looking for a mini shredder from one of the best surfboard brands in the world, the Diamond Jig is for you!

What’s Next?

Thanks for reading our guide to the best surfboard brands in the world. Like what you’ve read and want more? I’ve written up a ton of gear guides, including this one covering the best surf clothing brands, and our complete guide covering how to surf.

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