The Best Motocross Gloves In 2020 For Summer, Winter & Blister Protection

Looking for the best motocross gloves? Our 2-minute guide will cover everything you need to know, including 3 glove recommendations.

We’ve dropped in 3 recommendations here.

One being the best MX gloves for summer and blisters, another for the best winter/cold weather MX gloves, and one for all out protection.


If you’ve already read our list of the best MX brands, you’ll know there’s at least 22 to choose from.

And, that poses a big problem. With each brand producing 2-3 (or more) sets of gloves, which ones do you choose?

Below are the top picks for 2019, from the new 2019 lines.

The Best Motocross Gloves This Year

1. Fox Racing Dirtpaw

fox motocross glovesOur Pick for: The Best Motocross Gloves For Summer [And Blister Prevention]

Fox Racing need no introduction. They are one of the most iconic MX brands in the world.

The Fox Dirtpaw MX glove weighs in at around 30 bucks, so that’s a pretty good deal.

A quick check online shows it’s got lots of positive reviews. All good so far.

I know what you’re thinking. How do they help stop blisters?

Fox have incorporated a clarino palm. That coupled with foam padding that’s shock absorbent, mean the gloves take the brunt of rub, not your hands.

More importantly, even in the cold weather you’ll sweat on a bike; and even more summer.

When you sweat through your hands, you’re more prone to getting blisters.

That’s why Fox have developed their Dirtpaws using moisture wicking fabric; sweat dries quickly.

And, you’ll get silicone fingertips, which increases feel when grabbing the front brake or clutch.

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2. Alpinestars SMX

alpinestars mx glovesOur Pick for: The Best Motocross Gloves For All-Out Protection

The Alpinestars SMX gloves are actually a street-bike glove; but I’d call them a hybrid.

They’ve got way more protection than the average motocross glove, but a lot less than the typical street-bike equivalent.

And, that makes them good for motocross.

If you don’t want to compromise and want the absolute best motocross gloves with protection, these are the ones for you.

The main feature of the SMX glove is the carbon knuckle. If you’ve ever had a rock to the knuckle, you’ll know how much it hurts!

Being Alpinestars, you know durability, comfort and breathability is there.

There’s also another option with the Alpinestars Megawatt too.

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3. Fox Racing Sidewinder Polar

fox sidewinder gloves

Our Pick for: The Best Winter Motocross Gloves

Looking for the best winter motocross gloves? Look no further than the Sidewinder Polar gloves from Fox Racing.

Basically, you’ll get the traditional comfort from a normal MX glove, with some extra bulk on the inside for warmth.

Fox have used a polar fleece on the interior.

They’ve backed that up with a wind-resistant exterior profile too. Your hands are going to be snug!

But, if you’re really hauling ass and sweating, they’ve got the breathability qualities so sweat dries quickly.

And, you won’t find that with cheaper winter MX gloves.

Cheap motocross gloves won’t breathe correctly, so sweat doesn’t dry quickly.

When sweat doesn’t dry quickly, it draws heat away from your hands!

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